ASM Validation - Energy Settings

 Product(s):OpenBuildings Energy Simulator
 Version(s):CONNECT Edition
 Area:Building Modelling


This article shows how to utilize the Analytical Space Modelling validation tool for authenticating and extending additional features in the imported OpenBuildings Designer model.


With ASM(analytical Space modelling), we can assign geographical and energy-related parameters in an OpenBuildings Designer model. Once we have opened the model in the Energy simulator, we would require to click on the Validation tool under the Home Tab.

Upon clicking, the ASM window will open and we would see the opportunities of validating the model at various levels, as below:

Under the Energy Settings section, we would be able to validate and even modify certain properties of the building model; such as units, calculation standard, even the location of the building also could be changed. 

If we change location, the model gets validated for the associated weather file and climate zone. See below:

Under the building section of the Energy Settings Tab, we could assign the building its intended purpose, such as a restaurant, or a library etc. From the dropdown, we can assign the building the appropriate building type that we aim to design.

To learn about converting a BIM model into an Energy model though ASM, please refer to the guidance here.