UI - AccuDraw Shortcuts

 Product(s):OpenBuildings Designer
 Version(s):CONNECT Edition
 Area:User Interface

CONNECT Edition Keyboard Shortcuts include and enhance V8i's AccuDraw shortcuts. Some keys have changed function, some retain their function, others have been added.

Press <F7> to pop-up a list of AccuDraw shortcuts (this function key is assigned to the 'keyboardshortcuts displaymenu' key-in).

These shortcuts are created dynamically by the application, when OpenBuildings Designer runs in MicroStation mode the MicroStation AccuDraw shortcuts will be provided.

The commonly used AccuDraw Compass rotation keys: <T>, <F>, <S> and <E> retain their V8i functions, along with <O> for Set Origin.

The significant change to adapt to is that the Space bar is now used to open the Ribbon Group Pop-up. Its V8i function, Change Mode between Rectangular and Polar coordinates, is now activated by <M>.

To view or edit the keyboard assignments go to the Ribbon: File > Settings > User > Keyboard Shortcuts to open the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog (which like most CONNECT Edition dialogs is resizable), or press F11 followed by '?'.

OpenBuildings Designer adds a number of AccuDraw shortcuts related to mechanical placement, leading to some minor differences between MicroStation and OpenBuildings. The two sets are shown side-by-side below for comparison:

If you do not need the mechanical AccuDraw shortcuts MS_KEYBOARDSHORTCUTS can be redefined to point to a set of MicroStation shortcuts. This can be helpful for users who work in both MicroStation and OpenBuildings. 

To do this, run OpenBuildings Designer in MicroStation mode and make a simple change, such as adding a new shortcut or just use the up/down arrows:

to change the position of a shortcut, click Apply, then reverse the change, click Apply followed by close. Saving changes will generate a keyboard shortcuts XML file alongside the other preferences files:


Move this file to a suitable shared location, usually in a custom configuration, say...\Organization\Data.


MS_KEYBOARDSHORTCUTS = $(_USTN_ORGANIZATION)data/MicroStationMode.KeyboardShortcuts.xml

To Standards.cfg, all users will then be presented with the same AccuDraw shortcuts omitting the OpenBuildings mechanical shortcuts

A complete list of AccuDraw shortcuts is available in our online documentation. [This list is currently our of sync with the delivered shortcuts as of Update 8, this discrepancy has been filed as a defect.]

See CONNECT Edition – The Ribbon for more detail on other aspects of the Ribbon and its shortcuts.