UI - Keyboard Shortcuts

 Product(s):OpenBuildings Designer
 Version(s):CONNECT Edition
 Area:User Interface

CONNECT Edition Keyboard Shortcuts include and enhance V8i's shortcuts. Some keys have changed function, some retain their function, others have been added.

Spacebar - opens the Popup Toolbar; Alt then adds the Keytips for the Popup toolbar (<M> now changes AccuDraw between Rectangular and Polar coordinates).

Shift+Right-Click - opens View Navigation/Display tools

Ctrl+Shift+Right-Click - opens the delivered navigation Screen Menu

F2 - displays keyboard shortcuts on the Ribbon buttons

F4 - moves your cursor to the Search Ribbon box

\ (backslash) - opens the Workflow pull-down menu for the US locale, see CONNECT Edition - Using Position Mapping to get to Tools Really Quickly! for more on this shortcut and the keystokes for other locales

Esc - 1. When in a Work Page (working on a model): returns input focus to Home. 2. When in the Backstage: exits the Backstage returning to the Work page.

See CONNECT Edition – The Ribbon for more detail on the Ribbon and its shortcuts.