ProStructures "Configuration Audit Alert" message after opening Update 7 for the first time

 Product(s):OpenBuildings Designer
 Version(s):CONNECT Edition
 Area:ProStructures Interoperability
 Sub Area:Configuration


After opening OpenBuildings Designer Update 7 for the first time I am getting this "Configuration Audit Alert" message referring to ProStructures:

Why is this happening and how can I resolve it?


OpenBuildings Designer Update 7 includes new ProStructures dataset content (and associated configuration variables) that are required in order to successfully run the application, even if you intend to run in legacy mode. The audit alert is therefore advising you that your currently loaded workspace does not include this content. Note that it will also generate a text file as shown that includes details related to this missing content. For example you may see lines such as these:

Following are the new and modified files and respective folders that you will need to copy from the closest related regional dataset to your custom configuration. Note that you will need the entire \ProStructures folders as noted.

1. ..\Your_Location\Configuration\Datasets\Dataset_Name\Dataset.cfg (same for all datasets)

This file has been updated to include new ProStructures variables

2. ..\Your_Location\Configuration\Organization\ProStructures\

A new folder that contains an application.cfg file, as well as \Details and \Logos sub-folders


A new folder that contains multiple regional folders, each with their own application.cfg file and sub-folders including ProStructures content. Note that these folders contain anywhere from 620 to 1433 files each.

4. ..\Your_Location\Configuration\Workspaces\Buildings_Examples\Worksets\Building_Template_Name\Standards\ProStructures\

A new folder that contains an application.cfg file

Note that each application.cfg file shown above is tailored for its given location within the workspace.

Once you have the required folders and files in place, the Audit Alert warning should no longer appear. 

NOTE: Another potential reason for seeing this alert, even if your Update 7 workspace has all of the required ProStructures content intact, is if you've previously upgraded from Update 4 to Update 5 and your workspace is still being read from the original \AECOsim folder and not the updated \OpenBuildings folder. This will pull the available worksets from the older AECOsim Examples workspace instead of Building Examples and will be missing that ProStructures content.

If this is the case, you can delete the existing AECOsim workspace and install again, or, from the Backstage select Building Examples and the desired workset to resolve the issue.