For Dynamic Visible Edge some element gone missing

 Product(s):OpenBuildings Designer
 Version(s):CONNECT Edition 
 Environment: N/A
 Area: Drawing Views


In some DGN some elements have gone missing while creating a Sheet or Drawing view. This is happed because Visible Edges of some files have been set to ‘Dynamic’ instead of ‘Cached’. We always recommend using ‘Cached’ Visible Edge while referencing any 3D file.


Here is the workflow that needs to be followed when you have found some element gone missing while creating any Sheet or Drawing view.


Go to the sheet file and open the reference dialogue box to see if there is any 3D file referenced in it. If you find the 3D files, then change the visible edges from Dynamic to Cached.


If not, then click on the 2D file and do a right-click. From the dropdown option click on ‘Exchange’.

It will navigate to the file from where the 2D files have come.


In this file again go-to reference and repeat the same process as above. Do this same thing until you have changed the Visible Edges of all 3D files to Cached.

Note: - Visible Edges can only be changed for 3D files. So, the VE of all 3D files is needed to be checked.