Missing section symbology at clipped Clip Volume boundaries

 Product(s):OpenBuildings Designer
 Version(s):CONNECT Edition
 Area:Drawing Views
 Subarea:Clip Volume


When working with Clip Volumes in 3D design models in OpenBuildings Designer toggling Clip Volume boundaries to clip (1) results in missing section symbology at these boundaries (2,3). The Cut Plane itself is unaffected. This is a result of the default value of _USTN_SUPPRESS_CROPPLANESECTIONGRAPHICS which is set to 1 to avoid the display of non-existent lines that may be created in Drawing views by Clip Volume boundaries.


Section symbology will be correctly displayed if _USTN_SUPPRESS_CROPPLANESECTIONGRAPHICS = 0.

This may result in clip volumes boundaries being shown as unwanted non-existent lines that on drawings so the value should be reset to the default when working with Drawing Views

The objects in this screengrab are:

  1. OBD wall
  2. OBD slab
  3. MicroStation slab solid with part data attached
  4. MicroStation slab solid without part data

This variable can be changed on the fly using the Configuration Variables dialog (1), which will add the changed value (2) to a user's UCF. To revert select the variable and click Delete (3) to remove it from the UCF.


Once the variable is changed, use the view refresh tool to see the changed dynamic view.