Customize The Detailing Symbol Style In The Place Callout Tools Dialog

Product(s):OpenBuildings Designer
Area:Drawing Views
Subarea:Drawing Seeds

Problem Description

The Detailing Symbol Style in the Place Callout tools dialog is grayed out and cannot be changed to a custom detailing symbol style, or if changed it reverts to default.

Steps to Resolve

Go to your desired dataset location similar to this: C:\ProgramData\Bentley\Configuration\Datasets\Dataset_NM\DgnLib\

  1. Open DetailingSymbolStyles.dgnlib.
  2. Set the active View Group to Default.
  3. Search for Detailing Symbol Styles in search bar, and create your desired Detailing Symbol Style.
  4. Select your newly created style, right click and Activate.
  5. Choose File > Save Settings > Close.
  6. Open DrawingSeed_Architectural.dgnlib.
  7. Set the active View Group to your desired Views (Example: Arch-Floor Plan Views).
  8. Open the Saved Views dialog box.
  9. Select the saved view you have created and right click to Properties.
  10. In the General tab, select Detailing Symbol Style and change the value from Default to your selected custom detailing symbol.
  11. Select "Update Saved View Settings"
  12. Choose File > Save Settings.
  13. Open your model and you will see the change in the Detailing Symbol Style selection.  It will still be grayed out, but will have the new custom symbol style selected.