Why do new Relux components always need to be mapped to Symbols?

 Product(s):OpenBuildings Designer
 Version(s):CONNECT Edition
 Area:Electrical Annotation and Design


After placing new objects in Relux and using the RELUX -> BBES button on the Lighting Analysis dialog, we are always prompted with the Lighting Calculation Symbol Matchtable dialog to manually assign a symbol per instance. Is this normal? If so, is there any way to predefine these mappings so we don't have to manually go thru the process?


If the Lighting Calculation Symbol Matchtable dialog displays it means there is no matching component in OpenBuildings Designer. This process is outlined in Steps 7 and 8 of the OpenBuildings Designer help. Once you've created that mapping you shouldn't need to do so again for the same component.

In regards to predefining these mappings, there is no documentation for where the Electrical database stores its information and manually modifying these files is not supported. However, if you are willing to experiment you should find the mapped Relux components stored in the RLUM.DBF file in the dataset's \Metadata folder, and possibly pointers in the project's *.ASC file as well. For reference, *.DBF files are dBASE IV format and can be opened/modified using an application such as DBF Manager: https://dbfmanager.com/en/order/?ref=dbfmanager The *.ASC file on the other hand is an ASCII text file so can be modified using any text editor.