Methods of creating building model

 Product(s):OpenBuildings Energy Simulator
 Version(s):CONNECT Edition
 Area:Building Modelling


There are several different ways of creating your building in OpenBuildings Energy Simulator.


  1. Standard ProjectThe standard method is to trace your rooms directly in the OpenBuildings Energy Simulator modeller. For this floor plans are imported (DGN/DXF/DWG) and then used to trace the 3D rooms. To do so select Standard Project when starting your project.

  2. Conceptual Project -  this is a quick method of entering the basic building geometry manually. The software then creates a simple model which can be used for preliminary calculations.

  3. Hevacomp Model ImportExisting Hevacomp Design Database projects can be directly imported into OpenBuildings Energy Simulator (see here). 

  4. GBXML Import - this can be achieved as shown here

  5. Analytical Space Model import - existing BIM models can be imported into OpenBuildings Energy Simulator via the Analytical Space Model function (info here), located within OpenBuildings Designer: