Match the color table of elements between sheet and design models

 Product(s):OpenBuildings Designer
 Version(s):CONNECT Edition
 Area:Platform Tools
 Subarea:Color Table


I am unable to see the proper element color in the sheet model when compared with the design model.

Steps to Accomplish 

Below is the workflow that will allow you to match the color table of the element in the destination model from the existing source model.

An element's color attribute is stored with the element in the DGN file. The color for an element can be defined through the Active Color icon in the Attributes toolbox that provides several ways to select a color, including a color table that assigns a color as a value from 0–255. You can also select a color graphically by specifying values using a color model, or by selecting a color from a color book.

You can attach a color table to a DGN file. If a DGN file has a color table attached, the color table is opened (and its colors used to display elements) each time the DGN file is opened.

Color tables can be customized and saved in color table files for subsequent attachment to multiple DGN files.

Note: If a DGN file does not have a color table attached, it will use the OpenBuildings Designer system default color table. The Default Color Table configuration variable (MS_DEFCTBL) in the Configuration Variables dialog box specifies the default color table so it too can be customized.

1. Open the Source DGN file from which the color table has been used and choose File > Settings > File > Color Table, then from the File pull-down menu click on Save As to save the file using the colortablename.tbl file format.



2. Next, open the destination DGN file: for example, the sheet file for which the color table is to be applied from the source DGN, and again choose File > Settings > File > Color Table, click on File > Open and select the colortablename.tbl file created above to be applied to the destination sheet file.