What is the purpose of the Widgets table in Structural shapes MDB files?

 Product(s):OpenBuildings Designer
 Version(s):CONNECT Edition
 Area:ProStructures Interoperability


There is a series of Widgets tables in all of the Structural shapes MDB files used by ProStructures tools, but it's unclear what their purpose is and how to use their property definitions. I am currently figuring out the best way to handle custom project shapes and how these Widget tables factor into the equation, or if we need “USER” shapes instead.


The Widgets tables are used to define the symbology of the applicable ProStructures member's 2D "widget" which is the 2D Display option available in the Shape Properties dialog:

Since the Widgets table properties are part of standard ProStructures library based members they are independent of custom User shapes. For example, if you needed a standard shape like I or C but in a size not already defined, those can be directly added as rows in the respective MDB file with the Widgets property values defined as needed. If your custom project shape itself is unique that’s where User Shapes come into play. Note that if you don't use the 2D Display option then the linestyle and color values defined in the Widgets table may be irrelevant.

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