Social Distance Assessments

Social distances are prescribed measures taken to prevent the spread of contagious disease by maintaining physical distance between people, in order to reduce the number of times they come into close contact with each other.  Social distancing is not natural human behaviour, requiring conscious effort to maintain.  So, when distracted, or focused on other tasks, people tend to revert to instinctive behaviour.  Consequently, to reopen safely without provoking after-peaks, organisations are planning strategies involving measures like reduced capacities and distance-supporting floor markings for queues.  In most, if not all cases, these schemes have never been tested.  This is where LEGION and OpenBuildings can help.

Assessing social distancing scenarios differs little from typical capacity planning, only target densities are much less than normal.  So, the objective remains to find space management solutions that maximize operational capacity under new conditions, as safely as possible.

This wiki will add material to support social distance assessments with LEGION and OpenBuildings, as they are developed and as these products are enhanced.