iModel Plugin for Revit

 Product(s):iModel Plugin for Revit
 Version(s):CONNECT Edition

Introduction to the iModel Plugin for Revit©

The plugin is available free of charge from Bentley Systems.  It allows you to save your Revit models in a way that lets you open them up in MicroStation, Bentley Navigator, or Bentley BIM products, retaining Revit atrribute properties from the Revit model. The Plugin is designed to help teams working in a mixed Revit/Bentley environment to be able to get Revit models into a MicroStation based design workflow for coordination purposes, interference detection and similar.

This wiki is designed for people interested in the Revit PlugIn.

The Revit Plugin installer will detect all the compatible Revit products and offer you to install and configure the Plugin for them... please use the following links to determine how to download, install and use the plugin.

Where to download the Revit Plugin:  RevitPlugIndownload

How to install the Revit Plugin: RevitPluginInstall

How to use the Revit Plugin:  RevitPluginUse

How it works:

Once you've installed the plugin, a new menu item will be available to you when running Revit. Under the Add-ins menu item, choose "Publish to iModel". Once an iModel is published, it can be opened with any product that can open a DGN file - such as Bentley Navigator or MicroStation.

The geometry of the Revit model is translated into MicroStation solids and all Revit properties are attached to the solids as MicroStation EC data.

 Note that you need to be in a 3d{3d} view when exporting.