Enabling the Multiple Application Windows feature in OpenBuildings Designer

 Product(s):OpenBuildings Designer
 Version(s):CONNECT Edition
 Area:Platform Tools
 Subarea:User Preferences


How can I enable the Multiple Application Windows in OpenBuildings Designer CONNECT Edition?


The Open Multiple Application Windows features allows you to open up to 4 application windows to enclose views and dialogs.

Below is the workflow to enable multiple Application Windows in OpenBuildings Designer.

 1. While in OpenBuildings Designer CONNECT Edition with a design file opened click on the File tab at the top left corner.

 2. Then navigate to Settings > User > Preferences > Operation where you will find the check box entitled "Open Multiple Application Windows". Once this has been ticked on, the drop-down list to the right will be displayed where between 2 - 4 application windows can be selected when launching your session of OpenBuildings Designer. To disable this option just untick it.


Note:- You can move all dialogs between the two application windows if you click on the small blue cube in the upper left of each view window. You will get a small pop-up menu where you can select "Change Screen". By doing this the window will automatically move to the other monitor screen. You can move the various dialogs (modal & modeless (non-modal)) and toolbars between the application windows. You don’t have to hold down the Ctrl key unless you want to disable the auto-docking function of the toolbar. The only thing you CANNOT move is the Status Bar that remains in App (1), the Primary window.

You can dock toolbars to all 8 sides of the application windows. Each application window has 4 dockable areas/edges (Top, Bottom, Left & Right) x 2 windows. Certain dialogs can only be docked at top/bottom, such as Level Manager and References, while others just left/right, such as Tasks, Models and Element Information.