How to define the default Layout of a ProStructures member

 Product(s):OpenBuildings Designer 
 Version(s):CONNECT Edition
 Area:ProStructures Interoperability

Problem description

How can I define the Layout of a ProStructures member as "Edges Inside" in the PS Shape property as the default?


Below is the workflow that will allow you to define the default Layout for a ProStructures member.

For example – making Edges Inside the default layout in the structural shape setting.

1. Choose File > Settings > Building > Structural Settings > Shapes and change the layout to Edges Inside.



 2. After changing the Layout to Edges Inside all further ProStructures members placed will have this option as the default.


For the ProStructures members that have already been placed, if they still show a different layout then right-click on the member and from the pop-up menu select Structural Properties. In the Shape Properties dialog choose Layout and select the desired Layout of the member.

Also, please see the below attached video showing the same workflow for better reference.

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