Delete an existing feature from a parametric solid

Product(s):OpenBuildings Designer
Version(s):Connect Edition
Area:Platform Tools


How to delete an existing feature from a nested parametric solid? 


Features in solid modelling are referred as Cut, Union, etc. Any modification operation that is done on a solid element gets listed in the MicroStation Properties dialog . 

Step 1: Navigate to the feature that you want to delete and select that portion. In the attached image I have selected the Extrusion Solid. 

Step 2: Then open the Properties dialog where it will indicate the Extrusion Solid and its respective properties. 

Step 3: Navigate to the parent feature of the selected feature, here it will be the Difference #21. 

Step 4: Right click on the parent feature and then chose Delete > Feature.

Step 4: Once the delete operation is complete, you will notice that feature glyph is no longer displayed in the element and a 2D solid block is present in that same location. Select that block and then delete it. The parametric solid will now display without that feature.