Elements are missing in a Cached drawing view

 Product(s):OpenBuildings Designer
 Version(s):CONNECT Edition
 Area:Drawing Views


In my Drawing Model there are missing lines when using Cached Visible Edges mode which are not missing when using Dynamic mode.


Below is the workflow that should allow you to generate proper line-work using Cached Visible Edges mode.

1. Open the References dialog box and select the model from which the line-work is not generating properly using Cached Visible Edges mode.

2. Left-click on the entry in the Visible Edges column and from the pop-up click on the Visible Edge Settings button. Change the Method from Exact to Fast and lower the Tolerance value (10.000 used in this example). The missing line-work should now display.


The Cached Visible Edges Settings dialog provides additional options that allow you to change the fidelity of drawing views. This includes calculated intersection geometry, smoothing out any faceted curves, and support for custom line styles not supported in a Dynamic view.