OpenBuildings Designer Accreditation Program

Announcing Two Levels for the OpenBuildings Accreditation Program

For helping users verify and validate their skills in Bentley applications, Bentley is offering various accreditation programs for its popular products. Accreditation is an endorsement from Bentley Systems that verifies that learners have the essential skills in the latest Bentley applications to be a productive asset to their employer.

Bentley OpenBuildings accreditation program is one of these available options. There are two options in this program:

Bentley OpenBuildings User Accreditation

This accreditation is designed to test your knowledge and use of OpenBuildings Designer through a series of assessment questions covering a range of commands and skills, including, basic modeling, view manipulation, file creation, building concepts, element creation and placement, element manipulation and modification, the Family and Part System and the DataGroup system. To achieve the accreditation users will need to complete and successfully pass the online self-assessment with proficiency of greater than 75%.

For more information please visit: Bentley OpenBuildings User Accreditation

Bentley Accredited BIM Modeler

This accreditation is designed to test your knowledge covering a variety of basic OpenBuildings Designer 3D modeling skills, drawing creation and an understanding of Building Informational Modeling. To achieve the accreditation participants will need to submit a completed BIM model with drawings for validation of tasks that demonstrate their skills and abilities. Within this program, Bentley is emphasizing best practices and skills for OpenBuildings Designer. 

For more information please visit: Bentley Accredited BIM Modeler

This accreditation program has 5 disciplines:

By completing the recommended courses, and the hands-on design exercises, you will have demonstrated that you have the basic skills needed to model a BIM project.

 As a pre-requisite users should have design experience in utilizing OpenBuildings Designer CONNECT Edition for at least 40 hours. There is no cost associated with the programs and they are available to all users as complimentary benefit of SELECT/ELS/E365 subscription. These accreditation programs are available to access on LEARNserver. Users can review the available OnDemand learning paths and follow the instructions provided to enroll into the program.

By gaining this accreditation, participants will Improve their knowledge of the features and functions within the software that can be used on a day-to-day basis. They will be able to ensure that they are up to date within the latest OpenBuildings Designer functionality.

To explore more about other accreditation programs Bentley is offering please visit Bentley Accreditation page or you can reach out to us at for any queries.