Suggested Workflow for new users

 Product(s):OpenBuildings Energy Simulator
 Version(s):CONNECT Edition
 Area:Building Modelling


This guide provides a suggested workflow of how to easily create your building energy model in OpenBuildings Energy Simulator.


Upon starting a new project, firstly examine the project tree.

  1. Right-click on Project to set your Project properties - such as project name, units, standards etc.

  2. Right-click on Site to set your Site properties -such as building location and terrain type.

  3. Right-click on Building to set your Building properties - such as orientation, window areas, building dimensions.

  4. Create new floors, importing your background drawing plan.

  5. At this stage before tracing any rooms, you may wish to examine your Defaults, under Data Managers > Defaults. On the Application tab, check the values for Region, Building type and Construction, and so on. On the Project tab, set your default constructions for this project, floor heights, wall heights, etc.

  6. Begin tracing rooms from the Home tab. To do so simply trace around the inner surfaces of the rooms in your background floor plan.

  7. As rooms are completed they will be displayed in your project tree. Ensure all Surfaces and Components are as you require. Note rooms can be changed individually in the project tree or together by using the Global change option on the Home menu to make any changes if required.