File opens to Work Page (BackStage) then Crashes

 Product(s):OpenBuildings Designer
 Version(s):CONNECT Edition


A user reported that some member of their team were unable to open files containing a Sheet Model with the following behaviour taking place:

File appears to open normally but instead of displaying the main user interface (ribbon, graphics views, etc.) shows the Work Page:

The file that was being opened will be listed at the head of recent files. The only option is then to click on the file which will then open and shortly afterwards display the error reporting dialog followed by the abort/retry/ignore dialog. (We always recommend abort as this preserves the file in the state it was in before the error was detected.)

A complicating factor in the analysis was that the problem did not occur for all users of the affected files.


By analyzing the error logs we identified a problem with auto-annotation of Grid Systems that was causing a crash that initially expressed itself by displaying the Work Page.

Looking at the project's BB_FloorMaster.dgnlib we found that some Grid Systems had been created in their real-word location and orientation, several hundred kilometres away from the Design File Centre, far outside the Solids Working Area (SWA) causing auto-annotation of the Grid Systems to crash.


Toggling auto-annotation 'Off' allowed the file to open for the affected users confirming that auto-annotation was the source of the crash.

Deleting the (unused) Grid Systems that lay outside the SWA resolved the problem for all users regardless of the auto-annotation toggle state.