Error using the Place Table tool with an Excel spreadsheet

Product(s):OpenBuildings Designer
Version(s):Connect Edition
Area:Platform Tools

Problem Description

When I use the Place Table tool with an Excel spreadsheet I am getting the error "Could not obtain data from datasource". How can I resolve the issue?

Steps to Resolve:

We have noticed that after a recent update of Microsoft Office many are facing this issue when placing a table. Fortunately it is connected with the Office update. So to resolve this issue:

1. Go to the Apps & features dialog from the settings menu. 

2. In the "Search this list" field search for Microsoft 365 and then click the Modify button. Once the repair dialog opens choose the Quick Repair option.

3. After the repair is completed, use the Place Table tool choosing any Excel spreadsheet and it should be placed without any errors this time. 

4. If after the repair the Excel option is still not working then try to reinstall Office 365 - that should solve the issue.