How to delete GCS and apply the required Geo coordinate for a large no file using script?

 Product(s):OpenBuildings Designer
 Version(s):CONNECT Edition
 Subarea:Geo Coordinate

Problem Description

It is often seen that user no longer want GCS associated with the file as per their requirement to move the coordinate system. Implementing this to one file is pretty easy but when multiple files are required this type of modification that part becomes time-consuming. But here is the workflow that will ease out this process,


1. Open any file now go to batch process following these workflows,
File>Tool>Batch process.
2. Now click on the ‘Create a New Command File’ (  ) option. Now a notepad page is generated.

3. Now paste these two lines there
geocoordinate delete
go= 0, 0, 0
(here for the test we want the geocoordinate to become 0,0,0)
And save it.
4. Now click here  to add all the required files.
5. Now click on this tool  to start the batch process.
6. Noe after completing this all the files with active GCS will be removed and the required GO coordinate will be added.