XML File not created

 Product(s):OpenBuildings Energy Simulator
 Version(s):CONNECT Edition
 Area:Part L


After a successful EPC calculation, an XML document is normally produced within the project folder that can be used to lodge the EPC. If one isn't produced, the following article should help.


First of all, ensure that your property address and insurance details are entered accurately. Once this is checked you should consider the following:

    1. Not running the most up to date version

As the latest version of SBEM is required to produce an XML, please ensure you are running on the most up to date release of OpenBuildings Energy Simulator - see here.

    2. Incorrect assessor details

You must ensure you are using the correctly selected scheme provider and assessor details. If you are unsure of the assessor details, please check with your accredited scheme provider.

    3. Connection problems

The software must be able to contact the Landmark Registry website. Ensure that you have:
1.an internet connection
2.if you connect through a proxy, that details are entered in the LAN settings option
3.the firewall is allowing access to the Landmark Registry

   4. Entering a EPCGEN.NET key

This function has been removed. The EPCGEN field should be kept empty at all times.

   5. SBEM engine not installed

As of 2023, The SBEM engine must be installed alongside OpenBuildings to run Part L calculations. This is freely available as below:

Part L 2021 and Part L 2013 - approved in OpenBuildings 2023 - Energy Simulation Forum  - Bentley Communities