Synchronize local changes

This page is under construction.

  1. Start iTwin Synchronizer.
  2. Select the desired iTwin from the iTwin Name drop-down menu. You will see the iTwins that you are added to by the team coordinator. You can pick the one you wish to synchronize your changes to.

    You will see the synchronization listed, along with name of the associated iModels and files.
  3. Click on the Synchronize icon corresponding to the Synchronization.

    The Synchronize your changes page opens.

  4. Browse to the location of your file in File Search Paths.
  5. Add any comments you have for the change in Change comment.
  6. (Optional) Optionally you can create a Named Version for the change. Select the Create a Named Version check box. Add a name and description for the change.

  7. Click Synchronize. Synchronization starts. Once Synchronization is complete, select the Go to iModel button to navigate to the corresponding iModel in the CONNECT portal.