Frequently Asked Questions (iTS)

Question: I have an iTwin Project created, but why do I not see that project listed in the iTwin Synchronizer as a project to select?

Answer: Even though you have created an iTwin Project, you will need to add yourself as a member of the Project.  Once you are a member of the Project, you will then see the Project in the drop down in the iTwin Synchronizer.  When including yourself as a member of the Project, please be sure to ensure that you have the correct roles under the iModel section.

Question: Why do I see an alert dialog, asking for consent, when I click on the Synchronize button?

Answer: iTwin synchronizer now requires user consent before running connectors. When you click 'Confirm' button you are providing this consent and won't see this pop-up dialog again. On click of 'Confirm' button you will be redirected to the browser. You can close this browser, return to the app and click synchronizer button. From here on the synchronization will proceed as expected.

Question: What do I do to get past the consent alert appearing repeatedly when I click on the Synchronize button?

Answer: The work around is to go to the Control Panel > Credential Manager and pick windows credentials. Windows credentials lists generic credentials for the itwin synchronizer. If you see the following entries in your windows credential then make sure you remove all 3 and restart the application and sign in again.


This should resolve any issues with the repeatedly appearing consent alert.

Question: Where can I post questions, in case if have any issues with the iTwin Synchronizer?

Answer: Questions can be directed to the Bentley Communities Forum located here.  This forum can also be accessed with in the iTwin Synchronizer from the gear icon in the upper right corner of the application.

Question: Do you have any recommendations for the Best Practices for using the iTwin Synchronizer?

Answer: Best Practices and additional help can be found here.

Question: Where can I find more information about Digital iTwins?

Answer:  You can find the more information about Digital iTwins here?

Question: Can the iTwin Synchronizer be run by itself or do I need to run it from with in MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 14 or other Bentley Applications?

Answer: The iTwin Synchronizer can be run independently. Simply start the iTwin Synchronizer from the desktop icon or from the start menu.  As long as there is a change to the Design Data files that you want to be synchronized to the iModel on the iModelHub, you can run the iTwin Synchronizer, select the Project, Synchronization and add your Change Comment and then synchronize.

Question: Does the iTwin Synchronizer require ProjectWise?

Answer: No, iTwin Synchronizer does not require ProjectWise.

Question: Where can I find more information about the iTwin Synchronizer?

Answer: You can find more information about the iTwin Synchronizer here.

Question: Where can I download the iTwin Synchronizer?

Answer: You can download the iTwin Synchronizer here: 

Question: What are the currently supported iModel connectors with file format and versions that the iTwin Synchronizer supports?


Model connector

Supported Version/Format
MicroStationV8 DGN, DWG R14-2021
CivilV8 DGN
Civil3DAll Versions up to R2021
Shape files, PostGIS database, ESRI File Geodatabase, KML file and GeoJSON
IFCIFC 2X3 and IFC 4
OpenBuilding DesignerV8 DGN
ProStructuresV8 DGN
RevitRevit 2015 - 2020

Question: What particular sites need to be available by our IT group in order to use the iTwin Synchronizer?

Answer: The following sites need to be accessible.

Question: How do I save logs from the iTwin Synchronizer app ?

Answer: Please attach your logs by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner of the App and then clicking on 'Save Logs' option.

Question: How do I file a help ticket and share logs with iTwin Synchronizer dev team ?

Answer: File a 'Technical Support' ticket to iTwin Synchronizer at this link Below is a screenshot of the help ticket page.