Knowledge base

Here you will be able to find answers to why synchronization failed and how to fix it.

Access to Data Source Denied

You do not have the appropriate permissions to access the data source. Please contact your data source administrator, who can provide you with the required access to resolve this issue.

Another User is Pushing

This indicates that another user is trying to update an iModel with new information from the same file. This is most likely to be because both the cloud-based synchronization and the iTwin Synchronizer Client are being used on the same iModel at the same time. This is not good practice and will most likely lead to errors.

Another possibility is that the cloud-based synchronization is trying to run two different connections at the same time which are competing for the same iModel. This is most likely when there are long running connections taking longer to complete than the time between scheduled synchronizations, and is not an intended method of operation. Please contact support if this is happening regularly.

Connector Lock Errors

At this time, please contact Bentley support to further diagnose this kind of error:

Datasource Authentication Type Is Not Supported

Authentication type is not supported. IMS or federated login is required for the user to access the PW datasource. Please enable IMS authentication on the ProjectWise datasource.

Document Not Found

A mapped document was not found in the data source. Please make sure the file is not deleted and is in an accessible state to resolve this issue. If a file was deleted, it should be unmapped from the connection.

Drawing File with Wrong Configuration

A 2D file may be used for the root model with other sheets and drawings in a connection, but it does not provide spatial information for a 3D model. If sheets and drawings are disabled for the connection, there is nothing remaining that can be successfully synchronized with the iModel. A file containing a spatial model should be used as the root model to provide the required 3D location and coordinates for the iModel.

Duplicate Models

Please ensure

1. Only one version of the file is mapped into the iModel.

2. Multiple connector types are not used to synchronize the same file.

For other cases, please contact Bentley support to further diagnose this kind of error:

Failed to Access Data Source

You are not authorized to use the document data source, or too many requests have been made in a short period. Please check if the data source server is accessible.

Failed to orchestrate file processing retry

Synchronization Report shows " "Lock failure since User: User_Name : owns a lock in briefcase id: 43": "

Resolution: This usually indicates that the same file is being used by more than one connection in the same iModel and that one of the connections failed to complete correctly. Find the other connection and make sure that has run correctly (which should release any locks that it was using), and then repeat the connection that is showing this message. If this still fails for the same reason, contact Bentley support.

Failed to process the file

Synchronization Report shows "Error occurred while downloading the file URLs to the input file location" but has "Unknown" as the filename.

Resolution: Visit  to obtain the latest released versions of the ProjectWise Design Integration Plug-in for WSG CONNECT Edition and dependencies.

Synchronization Report shows "0 file(s) processed" but the Details do not contain useful information.

Resolution: Please inform Bentley Support if this occurs. They will need the details of the connection (from the "Report an issue" menu item available via the 3 dots on the end of the connection run status line. They may ask for access to the data in order to determine the nature of the problem.

File is Protected

The file is protected. Ensure that you have permission to both access and export the file.

Geodetic coordinate system not supported

When creating a connection to a non geo located iModel, the user can select a geo located input file to set the iModel geographical coordinate system. If no file is selected, the first geo located input file encountered will be used to set the iModel geographical coordinate system. The coordinate system units must be meters.  You cannot select a file which has a Geodetic coordinate systems (i.e. using degree units).

Note that the other subsequent files added to the connection can be in meters or degrees.

iModel Access was Forbidden

The Connection owner does not have permission to synchronize files to the iModel. Please check project and iModel level permissions.

iModel Not Found

The iModel that the connection is trying to synchronize changes to may no longer exist or is not accessible by the connection owner.

Incomplete DXF Header

DXF file format requires a HEADER section at the beginning of a file.  A missing or incomplete HEADER section may cause a file not open by a connector, depending on what information of the header that may be required in other sections that follow.  Besides the header section, if any other section has incomplete or unexpected data, the file may not open as well.  When a DXF file cannot open by a DWG based connector, try fixing it in AutoCAD which should automatically add a full HEADER section in a DXF file.

Missing Workspace

The source .dgn file for this connection could not be synchronized since the workspace for this source could not be found.
Open Buildings Designer (OBD) files are federated and not self-contained.
That is to interpret (or synchronize) an OBD.dgn file, a workspace must be present.

Desktop Scenario:
When running on the desktop, OBD and Open Buildings Connector (OBC) try to resolve the workspace from the local file system.
If OBC discovers that an obd.dgn file was authored with a workspace not available locally, the user-interface will prompt for a substitute.
The substitute-workspace is a fallback option to synchronize a file while retaining most of it's properties, materials etc.
Typically a regional Bentley supplied workspace (like BuildingTemplate_UK) is used as a substitute.

ProjectWise Scenario:
When dgn-file-persistence in the Bentley ProjectWise-document-management-system is used, design files should be properly connected to a ProjectWise managed workspace (PMW). OBC will fail and  notify when a PMW cannot be resolved for a given connection. In that case a good first troubleshooting strategy is to open up the same pw URL from ProjectWise-Explorer using OBD on the desktop. Detailed PMW issues might reveal themselves in the OBD message-center or the configuration variables dialog. If resolving the PMW problem fails, Bentley OBD support can be contacted for help. Alternatively (for instance when an obd.dgn file was obtained from a subcontractor without a workspace) a substitute workspace may be specified. This may also help processing ABD-v8i files that pre-date workspaces. V8i files can best be synchronized by first converting them to .i.dgn files.
A substitute can be specified by supplying a plain text asci file in the spatial-root folder (or any of its parent folders) with the name “__iModelHubPublishSettings__.txt”.
The first line should read “WorkSetOverride=BuildingTemplate_UK” in case UK region is desired. Other regions available are US, AU, NM. More can be requested.

Material could not be located or could not be loaded

The file has configured materials, that can not be located. Please check if the path to Materials is located in ProjectWise and is accessible. 
In Bentley Civil product files, this can be checked by opening a dataset with materials and textures from ProjectWise.  In opened file first, check if there are any errors in the Message center. 
If you see an error coming for missing materials then open "Search Ribbon" and type "ConfigurationVariable"
Now visit the same path in the ProjectWise location and check whether you have a materials folder available.  NOTE: Materials located in the local machine path are not supported by the cloud Synchronization solution. 
If you don’t see the materials folder in a specific path (under workspace configuration) > Open the locally available workspace folder deliverable with Civil product which is under
C:\ProgramData\Bentley\OpenRoads Designer CE\Configuration\Organization-Civil and copy materials folder under the required ProjectWise path. 

Non-linear units specified

The Unit Type is an unsupported type. Only 'Distance' is supported. Please change the type in the Advanced Unit Settings for the design file.

Product Installation Path Not Found

Could not get a path to product installation. Please check the product is installed correctly on the PW server. For PW WSG, if the WSG plugin is installed on a different machine than the PW Server machine, please install the product on the WSG plugin machine.

Product Setting Permission Missing

The Connection owner does not have Product Setting Service "Manage Settings" permission. Please check project-level permissions.

Manage Project Team Members -> Project Role Management -> Service Access and Permissions -> Product Settings Service  -> Manage Settings

Project Share Permission Missing

The Connection owner does not have enough Project Share permissions. Please check project-level permissions.

Manage Project Team Members -> Project Role Management -> Service Access and Permissions -> Share -> Read

Root Model Is Not a Spatial Model

When attaching a sheet model to a 3d model, the root model must also be a spatial model. Please fix your model hierarchy to ensure the root model is also a spatial model.

Schema Upgrade Failure

When a Connector opens an existing iModel, it must first ensure that the schemas stored in the iModel match the current version in the connector. If not, the connector will attempt to upgrade the schemas stored in the iModel. If this process fails for any reason, the connection attempt will terminate.  Please contact Bentley Support for further assistance.

Unmap Input File

The connector is unable to unmap the given file. There are several reasons that this could happen.

Unrecognized Format

The connector assigned to this file does not recognize the file format.


User Not Authenticated

The connection owner's access token has expired. To resolve this issue, please re-authorize scheduled synchronizations by running a connection manually or by clicking here.

Source file pre-authenticated URL is expired

The source file URL provided expired before downloading it. Please re-generate the source file URL with a minimum of an hour expiry time for synchronization.

Source file is not accessible.

The source file URL provided is forbidden. Check if read permissions are assigned for the source file.

Source file not found at location

The source file was not found at the given URL location. Please check that the URL is well formed, and the given location is correct.

Source file is likely corrupted

The source file exists and is mapped to a connector, but the connector has failed to open this file. The file is likely corrupted. Please try opening it in the product that has created this file. The product may have utilities that can audit and fix the errors.