GC Excel Feature


This brief tutorial will outline how to integrete MS Excel range functions into GenerativeComponents

The Excel range feature requires the user to manually load it in GenerativeComponents the first time.



From the Menu Bar choose Utilities -> Manage Feature types -> Loaded Assemblies


Choose “Select Pre-compiled Assembly File” and browse to the location of Excel features.  You are looking for the file: Bentley.GenerativeComponents.Office.dll.  I am on Windows 7, and on my computer the default happened to be: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Bentley\GenerativeComponents\assemblies\”.



Click “Load it!” to compile and load the assembly.  Also note in the next image: after it loads, check the box “Stored in Your GC Environment” so that the Excel feature is always present, regardless of what design file is loaded.


You will also find a similar set of step in the GC help file