Installation steps for GC on AECOsim Building Designer SS6


GenerativeComponents Extension V8i SS6


Once AECOsim Building Designer SS6 ( is installed and having downloaded GenerativeComponents Extension (note there is also a standalone version with the same version number, this is deliberate to denote that they are the same release, be sure you have the extension, it is a tiny download so the difference will be obvious!) run the installer:

Step one extracts the download to the C:\BentleyDownloads.

[Note that you can change this to another drive by altering the drive letter in this dialog, you may wish to do this to save space on a relatively small SSD primary drive where a large storage HD is also available, these files are only used during installation so there is no long term benefit in having them on a primary SSD.]

Click Ok and then run through the remaining dialogs:

Once finished there will be an additional start menu shortcut 'GenerativeComponents for AECOsimBuildingDesigner V8i (SELECTseries 6)' and inside ABD either the option to load GenerativeComponents:

Or once loaded (or if started from the GenerativeComponents shortcut) the full set of GenerativeComponents menu items will be available:

 Original Author:Marc Thomas