Support for GenerativeComponents

Technical support for GenerativeComponents is intended to be handled via the GenerativeComponents Forum. Search for answers or simply create a new post with any questions or issues you might have, and watch for the community to respond. The Bentley Community is made up of Bentley product users from all disciplines and all regions of the world, as well as Bentley employees & affiliates. Quite a collection of knowledge and experience!

Also, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of the GenerativeComponents courses available on the LEARN Server. Developed by the Bentley Institute, these courses cover the basics of GenerativeComponents, are a great introduction into the world of GenerativeComponents and should be considered required material prior to setting off on your journey.

Note that if you are a Bentley SELECT customer, you can also use the standard support methods outlined at for your regular day to day support needs. And of course you can also create a new Service Request through the CONNECTION Center if and when needed.