Creation of Global function from Custom function

 Product(s):OpenBuildings GenerativeComponents
 Version(s):CONNECT Edition Update 8 (


In this wiki we will be seeing a new feature which will help us to create Global function from Custom functions easily.  

Step 1:

Create a custom function in the function call dialog. Always remember to give a return type in the function dialog.

Step 2:

The right click on the 3 lines  and there you will find two options, choose the Promote your custom function to a named global function.

Step 3:

After clicking on that there we will get an dialog to give the name of the Global Function

Step 4:

After clicking on Ok, GC will generate the Global Function and will open the Function dialog, there we will be able to see our recently created function. 

After creation of the Global Function, we can call that function in the respective node inside that file . Also we can create a .GCP file from the Packager node and import the same in other files.