Excel node is giving error when trying to read or write any values

Product(s):OpenBuildings GenerativeComponents
Version(s):Connect Edition
Area:Excel Node

Problem Description

When I am trying use the excel node to read or write any value, I am encountering an Internal error. How can I resolve the issue?

Steps to Resolve:

We have noticed that after the recent update of Office, many of us is facing the where the excel node is throwing up an internal error regarding Com object type. One good news is it is connect with the office update. So to resolve this issue, 

1. We need to go to the Apps & features dialog from the settings menu. 

2. In the Search this list dialog, search for Microsoft 365 and then modify the application. Once the repair dialog opens up try to do a Quick repair.

3. Once the repair is completed, try to use the excel node, you will notice the node has started working again.