BSplineSurface.LoftCurve is throwing an error when trying to add get the curves from cell

Product(s):OpenBuildings GenerativeComponents
Version(s):Connect Edition
Area:BSpline Surfaces

Problem Description

I placed a cell along the coordinate system (BySpacingAlongCurve) i created and then created a curve (FromElementsInCell), it worked as i intended but when i try to use the BSplineSurface LoftCurves command using those curves, i get an error. How to solve the issue. 

Steps to Resolve:

The issue occurs due to the list of curve being nested deeply. So resolve the issue, we need to make the curve input as an flat list. To do so we have to use the Flatten method which will make a flat list. 

So as an input for the curve in the BsplineSurface node, we need to input, Curve.Flatten(). See the below image for more clarity.