Report fails with REP-300: CONNECT BY clause

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 HIG1862  Admin units - report, fails with  REP-300: CONNECT BY clause required in this query block FROM ==> nm_admin_units_all


Apply work around below to database(s).

The reports have SQL whcih makes use of the LEVEL pseudo column within a query block that doesn't have a connect by.  At some stage, the rules governing the use of the pseudocolumn have changed. As a workaround, use the Oracle option  _allow_level_without_connect_by to re-engineer compatibility using:

Metalink note:
Use _allow_level_without_connect_by to Revert Back to 9i Hierarchical Query Behavior [ID 271939.1]

explains setting a parameter to allow the older behaviour of using level without a connect by.

alter system set "_allow_level_without_connect_by"=true scope=both;

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