Invalid enumeration value 0

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 Product(s):Exor Noticing Manager
 Environment: N/A
 Area: Works
 Original Author:Lee Jackson, Bentley Technical Support Group










Issue Summary:


When trying to issue a Notice or Permit, a user sees the following error in the TMA1001 Noticing Assistant form after hitting send notice:


TMA-0932: Unable to send the notice: Error in API (tma_transactions_api.validate_xml) Invalid enumeration value: “0"




This error relates to the value supplied for the Carriageway Restriction Type parameter in TMA1000 Works form, which has new values in EToN 6. The error above shows that '0' was passed as a value, which represents an EToN 6 only value (No Carriageway Incursion).

If you are seeing this error, you are using an EToN 6 compliant release of exor, but the intended recipient is still configured to receive EToN 5 notices in the NSG0110 Organisations and Districts form.

As value 0 only exists as a Carriageway Restriction Type in EToN 6, it can not be used on EToN 5 notices. To resolve this error the user will need to select a value which is valid in EToN 5. The nearest equivalent to 'No Carriageway Incursion' (value 0) in EToN 5 is 'None/Signing only', which had a value of 1. Another catch here is that the DfT changed the meanings of some values between EToN versions, so in order to declare 'None/Signing only' on an EToN 5 notice, you will need to select 'Some Carriageway Incursion' which is the new description for value 1. Although your system will show that you have declared 'Some Carriageway Incursion' on the phase, a value of 1 will be transmitted in the notice, and as the recipient is still on EToN 5, this will show as 'None/Signing only'.  When you do this, we recommend that you make a note in the private comments field of what you have done and why for future reference.

I appreciate that this is very confusing, so to help clarify this please see the extracts from the EToN 5 and 6 technical specifications below which show the Carriageway Restriction Type codes. This shows what values are actually sent in the web service transaction and the corresponding meanings:

EToN 5 Carriageway Restriction Type codes:

1 None / signing only
2 Traffic control (stop/go boards)
3 Traffic control (two-way signals)
4 Traffic control (multi-way signals)
5 Traffic control (give and take)
6 Traffic control (priority working)
7 Traffic control (convoy working)
8 Lane closure
9 Contra-flow
10 Road closure

EToN 6 Carriageway Restriction Type codes:

0  No carriageway incursion
1  Some carriageway incursion
2  Traffic control (stop/go boards)
3  Traffic control (two-way signals)
4  Traffic control (multi-way signals)
5  Traffic control (give and take)
6  Traffic control (priority working)
7  Traffic control (convoy working)
8  Lane closure
9  Contra-flow
10 Road closure