How To Respond To A Temporary Traffic Signal Application

Applies To
Product(s):Exor Noticing Manager
Environment: N/A
Area: Notices
Original Author: Lee Jackson, Bentley Technical Support Group







Problem Description

User would like to respond to a Temporary Traffic Signal Application, but the Send Response button on the TMA1000 Works form is greyed out.

Steps to Resolve

When a user wants to respond to a Temporary Traffic Signal Application they need to:

  1. Query the works in the TMA1000 Works form, or link to it from another form.

  2. Select the Signals tab.

  3. Click on the application they want to respond to from the list at the bottom. This should then enable the Send Response button as it now knows which application you want to respond to.

  4. Click the Send Response button.

  5. At the prompt, select the type of response. I.E. click 'Changes Required' or 'Permission Given'. This will then open the TMA1001 Noticing Assistant.

  6. Select Notice type 2800 Temporary Traffic Signal Response.

  7. Enter notice comments if required. For example enter details of any changes you require.

  8. Click Issue Notice.

Related Problems

Please note that a few issues have been identified with these notices and are currently with our development team to be fixed ASAP. The main issue is that temporary traffic signal applications and responses aren't always shown on the history tab of the TMA1000 Works form, but you should see the correct application status on the signals tab. If you send a temporary traffic signal application or response notice and it doesn't show on the history tab, please query all transactions for that works reference in the TMA3000 Monitor Web Service Transactions form to check that it was created and sent successfully. If you have any problems then please a new service request and we will take a closer look at it with you.