New User Cannot Send Notices

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 A new user has been granted a street group and user district, but when they try to send a notice an error states that the primary recipient cannot be derived. Other users can send notices for the same street successfully.


 When sending a notice the application will look at the ASD record on the street and list those with an Interest Type of 1 as options for the primary recipient. To do this the user must have access to the ASD data, which usually means they need to have the NSG_USER role.

Visibility of the ASD data is controlled by the asset metamodel and other roles can be given access to the data via the NM0410 Asset Metamodel form. Once you have opened the form query the type ‘TP21’ and then select the roles tab. This will show you the existing roles that can view the asset data. Please note that if you alter the roles attributed to type TP21 then you may also want to alter TP22, TP23, TP51, TP52, TP53, TP64 and TP65. Usually the user will also need access to these asset types as they also contain street data which has come from the NSG, such as Special Designations. The user will also need to have the admin unit that each asset is attributed to, which is also shown on the asset metamodel form.

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