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 When trying to issue a 1400 Informal Overrun Warning notice for a works, the notice type isn’t shown on the TMA1001 form.


 A 1400 Informal Overrun Warning notice can only be sent when a works phase is at Works In Progress or Works Completed phase, as per the EToN Technical Specification v5.01. For reference please see table 3.4 on page 34 of the ETS, which can be obtained from here if you don’t already have a copy:

This means if the promoter has started the next phase of the works by providing an Initial Notice but hasn’t started it yet, then you can’t send a 1400 notice.

It isn’t obligatory to send a 1400 notice to an undertaker, however if you do want to notify them then you could use a Works Comment notice instead which could be sent at any stage of the works.
Problem Reference: 67338

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