Sender Does not Exist in NSG Error

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 Product(s):Exor Noticing Manager
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Sender Does not Exist in NSG Error

You have received a notice/permit but it has errored in TMA3000 giving the sender does not exist error. 
You can also see this error against a received OD file as well

The reason for the error is because the sender is not in your Organisation and Districts form.



The easiest solution is to ask the sender to email you their OD so it can be manually loaded. (see Wiki on how to load an OD)

The alternative is they send it via EToN and this also errors in TMA3000. In this case you will need to manually add the Organisation to the Org and District form. So Click Create Record then add the Utility Names Org number and 1 district line. 
Save the record – It does not have to have all the data in. We are just creating the Parent record. Once saved, go back to TMA3000 and retry the transaction. This will now load and update the details in the Org and District form.Then any other notices you have received from this sender can also be retried.

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