Opening the EXOR Application Directly to TMA1000 Works Form

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Product(s):Exor TMA Noticing Manager
Environment: N/A
Area: Alert Manager
Subarea: N/A
Original Author:Lee Jackson, Bentley Professional Services


It is possible to open the EXOR application directly to a form instead of the main menu. This is useful if you want to open the application from a 3rd party software source or an Alert Manager email.

This is done by defining the form module ID within the URL used to open the application. For reference please also see this wiki:

It is also possible to automatically query a record via the URL for some forms. For example you could configure an alert in Alert Manager to send an email whenever a specific notice is received by TMA Noticing & Permitting Manager and provide a link within the email to view the corresponding works record.

An example URL for doing this is:


The above example explicitly declares a username and password (shown in red) which avoids the user needing to enter credentials when opening the application, but this does not need to be supplied and only shown here for reference. The form override parameter is shown in green, and the TMA1000 query works reference parameter is shown in blue.

Below is an example without user credentials being passed:


If you want to use this feature in Alert Manager emails then you will need to define the parameters within the URL in a slightly different order. This needs to be done because of the way many 3rd party software programs automatically detect and enable hyperlinks in emails. For example here we have moved the form override parameter to the end of the URL:


Here is an example of an application URL being added to an alert email in Alert Manager, which enables the alert recipient to directly open the TMA1000 Works form and query the works reference from the record being alerted on. In this example we are creating a triggered alert whenever a Works Comment (1500) notice is created, but you could do this for other notice types such as inspections (2600).

First we added an entry to the Asset Metamodel for the TMA_Transactions table, with suitable attributes. Next we created the alert with the following Attribute Condition:

Next we configured the Alert Mail to give the works reference within the email text and also to provide a link to the application which will automatically query the works reference in the TMA Works form:


Both the email text and URL text contains the alert parameter flag {0} which has been declared for the works reference. When an email is triggered, Alert Manager will replace {0} with the works reference of the record being alerted on. Here is what a triggered email looked like when a Works Comment (1500) notice was received on Works Reference NK1001031303:


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