How to restart MapViewer Service

 Product(s):Exor Maintenance Manager
 Area:Web Map Server


How to restart Map Viewer service

Steps to Accomplish

  1. Log in to Exor Forms->Launchpad->Exor->Reference Data->Product Options
  2. Enter Query mode->type ‘WMP%’-> Execute query->In option ID column ->WEBMAPSERV-> Copy the server name
  3. Open Internet Explorer browser type following in URL: http://<server name>:7001/em
  4. You will be navigated to the Enterprise Manager-> Enter Credentials and click login
  5. On the Left hand side pane, expand WebLogic Domain -> expand fmfr -> click on WLS_MAPVR
  6. WLS_MAPVR will open in right pane, Click on down arrow of WebLogic Server                                                  
  7. Click on Control -> Shut Down, again go to Control -> Start Up


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 Original Author:Jyoti Patil