WMS Map is not visible in Locator

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 What to check when your WMS Map is not visible in Locator


 You will need to check the WMS request Locator is using. The easiest way to check the WMS request is to have a look at the java console log. If the product option WEBMAPDBUG is set to 1, the console should display the WMS request is trying to run. You can copy/paste this request to a browser to see if you get an image back.

To be absolutely certain, its best to run this in a browser in the app server. Sometimes the WMS url may work on a local machine but not on the app server - usually because the app server cannot access the WMS server box.

For completeness, below are the product options pertaining to WMS with some examples:

WMSDEFSTAT: indicates if the WMS layer is turn on or off in the Layer Control Tool by default when Locator is started.

WMSIMGFMT: specifies the image format to use. This should be one of the image formats specified in the capabilities file

This will usually be image/png.

WMSLAYERS: This should list the layers to display in locator. The available layers are listed in the capabilities doc .

Multiple layers are separated by commas i.e. Layer1,Layer2, ….etc.

At least one valid layer must be specified.

NOTE Layer names are case sensitive. Therefore for the above example this would be: OS250K,OS50K.
NOTE: Locator has a problem with Layer Names with spaces in them.
i.e. OSMasterMap is OK by OS MasterMap is not.

WMSLYRNAME: This is what the WMS layer is call in the Locator layer control. For example here it is called WMS Data.
WMSSERVER: This is the URL for the WMS including the projection the bounding box will be specified. This will usually be British National Grid which has a code of EPSG:27700.
Therefore for the above example this will be:


You many need to add the string “&STYLES=” if you get an error from the WMS like this

msWMSLoadGetMapParams(): WMS server error. Missing required parameter STYLES

WMSSVCNAME: is an ArcIMS WMS specific keyword, so unless you are using an ArcIMS WMS this should be blank. If you are using ArcIMS this should be something like:

Sample Values:
WMSLYRNAME - wmsdata
WMSSERVER - http://arcims/wmsconnector/com.esri.wms.Esrimap?VERSION=1.1.1&SRS=EPSG:27700

If you still cannot see the WMS image in locator,  edit the mapviewerconfig.xml file (should be under your oc4j installation e.g. c:\oc4j-mapviewer\lbs\mapviewer\conf ) and set the log level to finest. Then restart Map services and have a look at the mapviewer.log file. This should be under the same path ..\log\mapviewer.log. You should get a few messages there which should tell you what may be wrong.

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