How to fetch results on Review Notices form(TMA1030)

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How to search in Review Notice form(TMA1030)

Steps to Accomplish

1. Open the Review Notices form (TMA1030).

2. By default the Restrict box is checked and current date filter is applied, If you want to fetch the results of notices created between the particular dates, Keep this box checked.

3. In Notices section-If you want to fetch the notices by work reference then Uncheck this box and enter in query mode, by clicking on 'Enter Query' button or F7, then enter the Works Reference and click the 'Execute Query' button or F8.

4. You can also restrict by other fields like Notice type, works category, Sent/Received, Notice Status, Respond by etc

5. Also in Street section- you can enter USRN, Street or Status or combination of different fields from Restrict, Notices, Street section and fetch results. 

6. If you just want the count of notices, then enter the query mode, enter all filters, then click on 'Count Query Hits'

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