Locator export fails but shows no errors

 Product(s):Exor Network Manager
 Version(s): and above


When exporting results in CSV format from Locator (NM0572), nothing happens.  There is no error message and the file is not created.


  1. The first thing to check is usually pop-up blockers in your browser settings.  
  2. Security settings: 

    Click on the ‘Tools’ button on the top right-hand side of any Internet Explorer page as you look at it and select ‘Internet Options’ from the drop down box

    Click on the ‘Security’ tab. Click on the ‘Trusted Sites’ and it will highlight.

    Then click on the button marked ‘Custom level… ‘

    This will take you to the ‘Security Settings – Trusted Sites Zone’. Scroll down till you reach the Downloads section.

    When you arrive at the Downloads section, You will see that the Automatic prompting for file downloads has been set to ‘Disable’ – you should change this to ‘Enable’

    You will be prompted with a warning – click ‘Yes’.

    Once returned to the Security screen, click ‘Apply’, then ‘OK’, then close

  3. Verify that the asset metamodel is correct.  If there are attribute values that exceed the length specified in the metamodel, the export may not work correctly. This may happen if the underlying tables have been changed and the column in the database allows more characters for the same attribute value than allowed by metamodel. If a certain attribute value meets the length requirement of the table column but is bigger than that defined in the metamodel – export will not work. To fix this, set the length of the attribute in the asset metamodel to the length of the column in the table.
  4. Verify that the DAD is functioning correctly.
  5. Verify that the webutil.cfg options are set correctly to allow download:    
    • transfer.database.enabled=TRUE
    • transfer.appsrv.enabled=TRUE
    • transfer.appsrv.workAreaRoot=
    • transfer.appsrv.accessControl=TRUE
  6. Check for records in NM_UPLOAD_FILES.  If the statement below returns a row, then there is a problem.

with cnt as (  SELECT COUNT(*) + 1 fnum   FROM nm_upload_files   WHERE name LIKE 'NM0572'||'%')   select name from nm_upload_files, cnt where name LIKE 'NM0572_'||FNUM || '%';

To correct the problem found above:

delete nm_upload_files where name LIKE 'NM0572%'; commit;

        7. Run the query below to see how many LOCATOR_EXPORT$$xx temporary tables have been created in the database.

           select * from all_objects where object_name like 'LOCATOR_EXPORT%' and owner = 'HIGHWAYS';

           if there are up to 99 (LOCATOR_EXPORT$$99) tables then delete them from the database and try to do asset export again.

          8. Contact Bentley Support for assistance

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 Original Author:Elisabeth Pry