ORA-29532 in NSG Loader Batches form

 Product(s):Exor Street Gazetteer Manager

Error or Warning Message

ORA-29532: Java call terminated by uncaught Java exception: java.security.accesscontrolexception: the permission (java.io.filerpermission <nsg data directory path>)


This occurs in the NSG Loader Batches form (NSG0040) after clicking File Selection and choosing CSV to list the CSV files available in the load folder.

How to Avoid

  1. Go to Exor / Directory Management / Directories (HIG1895)

  2. Query any directories with names beginning with 'NSG'.  Check that the File system path is set to a valid location on the database server, and that there is a tick in the 'Exists' tickbox for each one.  If not click the + button to create it.

  3. For each one, ensure there is at least one valid role assigned in the Roles tab, then click the Java Role Privs tab. 

  4. Highlight each role in turn, and if there are ticks in the read / write / delete / execute tick boxes, click the All Off button then the All On button.  If there are no ticks just click All On.

  5. Retry the File Selection.