ORA-0000: normal, successful completion

 Product(s):Exor Document Manager
 Area:Document Association

Error Message

Exor Document Manager: Java error “An error has occurred – please check Java Console for details [ORA-0000: normal, successful completion]”  appears when trying to attach or open files in the Document Association form (DOC0120) .

How to Avoid

There might be couple of issues regarding this error message.

  1. Working directory not set / configured. Please set the WORKFOLDER option either in User Options for a single user or Product Options for all users.  This directory must exist on the user's PC and the user should have full permissions on it.

    If In java console log there is WUT-131 error message as in screenshot below then the Directory (that was set in WORKFOLDER ) doesn’t exist on user OS. You need to create this directory or use existing one.

    If java console log contains WUT-105 error message as in screenshot below then OS user doesn’t have Write permission on the Directory (that was set in WORKFOLDER ).

  2. User doesn’t have full permissions to work with that file (error wut-129 may be shown in the Java console).  To fix this copy the file to local drive on the user's PC and try attaching file from there.

  3. In file webutil.cfg following configuration might  block file transfer. The file location is similar to: 






    should be changed to:



  4. Also it can be fixed by clearing java cache: close Exor application and all IE windows, clear java cache as it mentioned in link below:

    Please note: There is not." ERROR>WUT-100[FileTransfer.defineFile()] Bad file information string ..." in Java Console

    if users have Java version 1.8.0-25 installed and Exor version is  But if users have Java v.1.6.0.xx and Exor version is, then WUT-100 error is shown.

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