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User received an Initial Notice which declared a Type 4 Street and the notice was loaded without an error.

TMA Works should only reference type 1 or 2 streets from the NSG gazetteer, as per EToN regulations.


TMA Manager has validation in place that doesn’t allow a TMA user to select a type 3 or 4 street for a new works record, however other software appears to allow them to be used. When a user enters a new works record in TMA manager, type 3 and 4 streets are not seen in the street selection form, even if they are added to a street group.

When notices declaring a type 3 or 4 street are received they are loaded by TMA Manager with the following warning attached:
USRN defined on notice must be of NSG Type 1 or 2

By default this validation message is set to a warning to allow the notice to load regardless. The software does this so that a street authority doesn’t miss seeing the notice for coordination or inspecting the works etc.

If you don’t want notices against type 3 or 4 streets to load then you should change this validation to be an Error rather than a Warning. To do this see form TMA2050 Notice Warnings and edit warning number 151.

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