NSG LOAD: Gazetteer load times have doubled

 Product(s):Exor Street Gazetteer Manager


Users noticed that gazetteer load times have doubled. The loading of the type 17/type 67 records times have doubled and in some cases tripled while processing these records.


To fix this issue please follow steps below:

1. Analyze tables

        analyze table Nm_Inv_Items_All compute statistics;
    analyze table Nm_Nw_Ad_Link_All compute statistics;
    analyze table Nm_Elements_All compute statistics;

2. Find out the old loader batches that have a lot of type 67 records and for 17 records using scripts below

Select Batch_Id, Count(*)
From Nsg_Loader_Type_67_Recs
Where Processed_Flag = 'N'
Group By  Batch_Id;

Select Batch_Id,Count(*)
From Nsg_Loader_Type_17_Recs
Where Processed_Flag = 'N'
Group By Batch_Id;

and purge these batches.

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