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 Product(s):Exor NSG Street Gazetteer Manager
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When importing OrgNameRoute ASD file, no records are imported


 This normally happens when the OrgName Route organization 1111 doesn’t exist in your database.
In order to load this data you will need to add a new organization using form ‘Organisations and Districts’ (NSG0110).
The organisation code is ‘1111’ and the name is ‘OrgName AUTHORITY’. When the organization is added you will need to set the ‘Prefix’.

As Intelligent addressing have not supplied an ‘Operational District’ file for the organization I would suggest you use ‘ZZ’ for the ‘Prefix’.

Once you have added this data you will then need to delete the previous NSG load attempt from the NSG0040
NSG Loader Batches form, or the 1111_AD.csv file from the previous batch. Next create a new batch and add the same 1111_AD.csv file you tried to load previously, and then submit it as normal.

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