User cannot delete/remove ESU within USRN

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 Product(s):Exor NSG Street Gazetteer Manager
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 User is not able to delete/remove ESU within USRN in NSG Gazetteer form. No pop-up error message appears, but on the bottom You will see a message: 

  "Cannot delete master record when matching detail records exist"


The error means that there are child records for ESU: Highway Dedications (HD) or One way exemptions (OWE). Please follow these steps:

1. Select ESU which You want to remove.
 2. In HD/OWE section: click on CLOSE button.
 3. SAVE form.
 4. Repeat steps 2-3 if You have more HD/OWE records.
 5. Select ESU.
 6. Click red cross to delete the record.
 7. SAVE form.

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