Could not create map in locator

Product(s):Exor Maintenance Manager
Environment: N\A
Area: Locator
Subarea: N\A

Error or Warning Message

When trying to open locator, map is not shown


Option 1: Restart Map Server

1. Check the Java console log file and Map server log files for any possible errors.

2. Clear Java Cache

3. Restart Map server in weblogic enterprise manager.

Option 2: Error java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0 in Java Console

1. Check for duplicates in the metadata table:

select table_name, count(*)
from user_sdo_geom_metadata
group by table_name
having count(*) > 1;

2. If there are any rows returned, query the metadata table to check the 2 rows:

select table_name, column_name
from user_sdo_geom_metadata
where table_name = 'TABLE_NAME_IN_CAPITALS';

3. The 2 rows should have a different column name.  If so, check the table listed to see what the spatial data column is actually called (usually 'shape' or 'geoloc').  Remove the incorrect row from the metadata table:

delete from mdsys.sdo_geom_metadata
where table_name = 'TABLE_NAME_IN_CAPITALS'

if there are no errors, type COMMIT; to make the change permanent.  If there are errors, type ROLLBACK; immediately and report the full error to Bentley Support.

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Original Author:Jyoti Patil